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Saas-Grund, Switzerland | March 28-29* 2025

*Can still change

Around 60 teams will start at 00:00 a.m. on the slopes of Saas-Grund. They take on the challenge of skiing or snowboarding in relay for 12 hours; pushing their own limits and raising money for people with physical challenges. The teams of the 12-hour Challenge choose the challenge that matches their ambitions (Fun, Distance or Tour) and each team needs to raise a minimum of €1,500 through crowdfunding. This funding will finance the Mentelity Games: an unforgettable week in the mountains, where people with physical challenges develop new strengths.

Who do you give an equal opportunity?

Join the 12-hour Challenge! Discover the power of the Mentelity Games and read the unforgettable experiences of previous participants.

Lies Kroeze

"On my first descent, I finally felt the feeling of freedom again. I could only cry with happiness."

Terry Copper

"How cool that we're all here together, I feel like I'm skiing by myself and that gives me a sense of freedom. 

Challenge yourself!

By pushing your own limits, you also make this possible for someone dealing with a physical disability, or rather, a physical challenge. With your crowdfunding, you contribute to a participant of the Mentelity Games gaining new experiences, developing new self-confidence, gathering new strength for a better and more active life, and above all, enjoying winter sports.

The 12-hour Challenge starts at midnight (on the night of March 22-23), so for the first few hours you ski or snowboard in the dark (there are lights on the slopes at a few points). After a few hours you will see the sun rise between the 4,000-meter peaks of Saas-Grund. An amazing experience!

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Roadmap to sign up for 12-hour challenge

Participation in the Hohsaas 12-hour Challenge is possible for (tour) skiers and snowboarders of different levels. With your team you choose the challenge that suits your level and ambitions (see below: All about the 3 challenges). During the challenge one person is always skiing or snowboarding and each team determines its own rhythm for changing. A team basically consists of three people.

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    Charlotte van der Veen
    Project Manager

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    After Movie

    Watch the After Movie of the 2023 12-Hour Challenge below.



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