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Saas-Grund, Switzerland | March 22, 2025

Around 60 teams will start at 00:00 a.m. on the slopes of Saas-Grund. They take on the challenge of skiing or snowboarding in relay for 12 hours; pushing their own limits and raising money for people with physical challenges. The teams of the 12-hour Challenge choose the challenge that matches their ambitions (Fun, Distance or Tour) and each team needs to raise a minimum of €1,500 through crowdfunding (€500 per person). This funding will finance the Mentelity Games: an unforgettable week in the mountains, where people with physical challenges develop new strengths.

Who do you give an equal opportunity?

Join the 12-hour Challenge! Discover the power of the Mentelity Games and read the unforgettable experiences of previous participants.

Sarah van der Glas

Sarah also now dares to step confidently into new situations at home again and still dreams of backflipping in her zitski.

Arjan Verschuur

Only since six months Arjan has been walking on a prosthesis, now he and his whole family have come along to the Mentelity Games.

Challenge yourself!

By pushing your own limits, you also make this possible for someone dealing with a physical disability, or rather, a physical challenge. With your crowdfunding, you contribute to a participant of the Mentelity Games gaining new experiences, developing new self-confidence, gathering new strength for a better and more active life, and above all, enjoying winter sports.

The 12-hour Challenge starts at midnight (on the night of March 21-22), so for the first few hours you ski or snowboard in the dark (there are lights on the slopes at a few points). After a few hours you will see the sun rise between the 4,000-meter peaks of Saas-Grund. An amazing experience!

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Roadmap to sign up for 12-hour challenge

Participation in the Hohsaas 12-hour Challenge is possible for (tour) skiers and snowboarders of different levels. With your team you choose the challenge that suits your level and ambitions (see below: All about the 3 challenges). During the challenge one person is always skiing or snowboarding and each team determines its own rhythm for changing. A team basically consists of three people.

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    Charlotte van der Veen
    Project Manager

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