"I do have a limitation, but I don't want to be limited."


Only since six months Arjan has been walking on a prosthesis. After a serious accident in 2020 and many complications in the years that followed, the choice was made for amputation. Now he and his whole family have come along to the Mentelity Games. Arjan is a teacher of sports and exercise and since his accident, he is doing everything he can to get back on track as soon as possible. He loves the interaction with other people during sports. Whether he is teaching at school, or skiing down the mountain with others during the Games, he finds joy in playing sports together. That is why it is extra special for him to be able to be here with the whole family and experience this.

Pretty soon after his amputation Arjan was already in a zitski in the Netherlands, he is very determined: "I want to do everything again that I did before." It was special for Arjan to see that there are more people who, like him, are in this way in life. He had studied more about our founder, Bibian Mentel, after his amputation and drew strength from this. But now he experienced for himself what her statement "It's all about mentelity" means. Because of the approach of the Games and the many volunteers there was an enormous positive energy during the week that was indescribable for Arjan. A week full of challenges, where nothing was seen as impossible.

Still, things didn't happen naturally during the week. Arjan took on the challenge of skiing standing on one leg. It was difficult to find balance and Arjan quickly panicked at the beginning because he felt he was losing control. But through personal guidance and a calm approach, he gained confidence and was able to ski downhill bits independently during the week. This was also his goal "at the end of the week to be able to ski down the mountain by himself in a controlled way" and despite some bumps he certainly achieved that goal.

Arjan looks back on the Games in a very positive way and drew a lot of strength and inspiration from it, "How everyone can be put in motion here, it makes me totally happy and inspired! I can get really happy watching from the terrace how everyone here is doing their thing and pushing boundaries".

Do you want to get involved for another person?
To ensure that many people like Arjan can participate in the Mentelity Games again next year, a special event has been created: the 12-hour Challenge. Teams of 3 people take on the challenge of skiing or snowboarding in relay for 12 hours. The teams raise money through crowdfunding. From these proceeds the Mentelity Games will be financed.