The 12-hour Challenge and the Mentelity Games could not take place without the support of our partners, sponsors and volunteers. Thanks to their support dreams come true, people dare to take new steps and together we ensure equal opportunities for people with physical challenges. It's all about mentelity!


MK Skiservice in Bilthoven is the specialist store for all your winter sports equipment. For 30 years a household name in the ski world and not only in the Netherlands. MK Skiservice has a nice collection of leading brands and they are experts in bootfitting. MK Skiservice can safely be called the founding father of the Mentelity Games and the 12-hour Challenge. Menno and Maayke and the team in the store are since day 1 proud partners of the Bibian Mentel Foundation and an indispensable force in the organization of the Mentelity Games and the 12-hour Challenge.


The Swiss village of Saas-Grund will be transformed into a piece of the Netherlands during the Mentelity Games and the 12-hour Challenge. Without the support and hospitable welcome of the locals, this would be impossible. The staff of the Bergbahnen are thoughtful, flexible and make winter sports accessible to everyone with their efforts.


Thinking in possibilities and actively promoting both the Mentelity Games and the 12-hour Challenge - in that role, Saas-Fee Tourismus is a partner of both events. Without support from their team, it would be impossible to organize both activities.


Since 2023 partner of the 12-hour Challenge and the Mentelity Games - together we make winter sports accessible for everyone. In 2024 a 12-hour Challenge will be held for the 1st time on the indoor track of Snow Sports Zwolle. This will take place simultaneously with the 12-hour Challenge in Switzerland, and the teams in Zwolle - in which many teachers are participating - will also work to raise as much money as possible for the Mentelity Games. In addition, two teachers will go along to help as volunteers during the Mentelity Games in Switzerland.


Bergans of Norway is one of the oldest outdoor brands on the market and comes from Norway. With a great feeling for technical details, color, their own view on functionality and design, Bergans creates collections that exude Scandinavian freshness. The materials Bergans uses in its products are among the most advanced high performance materials currently available on the market. A team of Bergans of Norway employees has been participating in the 12-hour Challenge for years and is a major contributor to the creation of the Mentelity Games.


Since the start of the 12-hour Challenge in 2019, the company TCK has been present with a team of employees! TCK is exclusive Benelux importer of a large portfolio of A-brands. The LEKI brand is one of their many winter sports brands. LEKI then supplies high quality ski, trekking and trail running poles and gloves. The brand works hard and passionately to create durable products with unmatched features. LEKI's guiding principle is to combine high-quality performance with safety and comfort. TCK and LEKI are providing a fun prize package for the winning team for the 2024 edition.


From winter sports to city trips and kids' vacations to safaris, REISMEDICATION.NL conveniently delivers must-have medication products for home and travel in carefully curated packages to your home. By carrying medication packages in your home and on your travels, you are not only taking care of yourself but also your loved ones. After all, you don't plan for an illness or medical discomfort. Travel safely and responsibly with REISMEDICATION.NL


AXIWI specializes in wireless, full duplex and hands-free communication systems and provides the communication sets for blind and visually impaired people who join the Mentelity Games. That way, participant and companion can safely go down the mountain and enjoy the snow.


Let Mentelity Games participants push their own limits by taking a leap of faith. Take on a high ramp in the zitski, on skis or on a snowboard? Why not! All participants land safely in the BigAirBag after making the jump! An unprecedented example of thinking in possibilities and really pushing your limits.

KAV Car Rental is a nationwide car rental company with more than 13 locations. KAV rents out cars, vans and trucks. KAV also offers electric vehicles. For a day, weekend, week, month or short lease; KAV can transport everything. Including all the equipment needed for the Games with three sponsored buses!


This originally Norwegian company is a leading clothing brand and is worn by professionals at sea, in the mountains and on construction sites. From the first moment partner of the Mentelity Games and the 12-hour Challenge.

Velosolutions is Partner of the Mentelity Foundation in constructing the pumptracks at the Bibian Mentel Playgrounds, but also actively involved in winter sports events. Already realized more than 250 pumptracks throughout Europe!


Partner of the Mentelity Games and the Hohsaas 12-hour Challenge when it comes to safety on the slopes. Supplier of protective products including back protectors for winter sports enthusiasts.


Specializing in waxing and sharpening products for ski and snowboard. Present during the 12-hour Challenge to provide participants with advice or a fresh coat of wax during mid-night runs.


Annual proud host of the Bibian Mentel Benefit Party, but also actively involved in other Foundation activities. Like a visit to Huis ter Duin, the cooperation and support for the events feels like a warm bath.


The region's tastiest bakery provides participants of the Mentelity Games and the 12-hour Challenge with fresh sandwiches and other treats during their stay in Switzerland. Fresh every day and with top service from owner Erie and her team.

Supports the organization with lighting the slopes during the 12-hour Challenge. This allows participants to safely go down the lit slopes while raising money for the Mentelity Games!



Dolphin Events & specialize in organizing staff parties, company outings and departmental outings. From their beautiful location in Brouwersdam they offer various packages and also customization. Dolphin Events supports us in recruiting participants for the 12-hour Challenge and they also provide an amazing prize for the winners of the 12-hour challenge: a RIB Adventure Rotterdam.


This year Heat Experience is again providing products so our crew won't get cold during the 12-hour challenge. Heat Experience makes battery-warming clothing for all your outdoor activities. All products - from gloves to jackets, sweaters and pads - are designed, developed and tested in Norway to ensure the good quality Norwegian designers are known for.


Yalp is an important partner for the Bibian Mentel Playgrounds. Yalp wants to stimulate playing, moving, sports and socializing, because this enriches our lives and makes a positive contribution to ourphysical, mental and social fitness. Yalp createsiinspiringenvironments that challenge young and old to exercise, but where the main focus is on having fun. Yalp is supporting the Mentelity Games with a sponsored gondola.