Our amazing ambassadors help us spread our mission and vision. Together we are strong and we hope that thanks to their positivity the world will look differently at people with challenges. You will regularly meet our ambassadors at our events and can of course also use them for your own event as a speaker or source of inspiration.


Sophie-Anne Onland

Inspirational speaker
"I want to inspire and motivate everyone to look at the world around you as well as yourself with open eyes."

Merijn Koek

Snowboard Instructor
"Why shy away from a challenge in life because of a physical disability?"

Thijs Kroezen

Manager of sports and exercise
"Much more is possible than people and their immediate environment often think."

Rosalie van Druenen

Model & Re-abled participant
"Happy to have the opportunity to show that you can be beautiful with a prosthesis, too."

Redouan Ai Chitt

Dancer & Public Speaker 
"Everyone has setbacks and their own difficulties, but even the negative can be used as motivation for yourself!"
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