If you like something, you can do it

I am Rosalie, 19 years old and when I was 8 years old my lower leg was amputated due to the consequences of a medical error, when I was in the hospital as a baby for a bowel problem. After the amputation, I really always did or tried to do everything. I wanted to be able to do everything my brother and twin sister did. And I succeeded! I always look at everything from the positive side, and that brings me a lot.

After I came to Frank Jol for a prosthesis , he put me in touch with Bibian Mentel Foundation's Re-abled program. I got a water prosthesis, my other prosthesis was not allowed to get wet. That meant a lot to me because it really gave me a lot of freedom. I can now go swimming and water sports without being dependent on others. And I can now shower on two legs, which is normal for others and very special for me.

I used to swim at a high level, and finally stopped doing that last year because it was no longer compatible with modeling which I do a lot these days and gives me a lot of positive energy. I think it is good to see that the fashion world has changed, and I am glad that I get the chance to show that you can also be beautiful with a prosthesis. With this, I would like to inspire people. I also don't see my prosthesis as a limitation. I am happy that I can do anything I want. My motto is if you want something, you can do it!

"Happy to have the opportunity to show that you can be beautiful with a prosthesis, too."

Rosalie van Druenen