No excuses, no limits

My name is Redouan Ait Chitt, better known as Redo, 29 years old and I am from Gorinchem. By profession I am a dancer and speaker.

Actually I am a dancer, but I have drawn that very broadly. So for example, I give performances, but in addition to that I give workshops. I also speak for many different events. There I actually tell my life story, with anecdotes and humor, because I think it's very important that you can have a bit of self-mockery. I tie all that together into one message and that is: 'no excuses, no limits'. I actually try with my speeches to inspire people and give different insights. Everyone has setbacks and their own difficulties that you have to deal with. I want to show that something that is actually very negative can also be used as a kind of motivation for yourself.

What I am very proud of is that I am finally doing what I had envisioned before. Dancing was getting better and better, and I thought maybe I could do something with it. That that finally worked out, and that I'm now living the life I wanted, that's something I'm most proud of. That I can just see the world with dancing, get to so many beautiful places, and meet and inspire so many people. That's such a strange thing to realize. I'm also grateful for the fact that people invite me or want to work with me. That you really literally come from nothing and are someone without any talent, and then also choose to have a career as a dancer, when that is just not at all obvious to me.

What I would give people is that it's important to first figure out what it is that you want. And when you know that, go out and do everything you can to get there. If it's something you want to work at, work at it fully. People are good at pointing out other people they think can solve their problems. But it really lies with yourself. You really have to go through changes you want to make yourself. You shouldn't assume that someone else is going to help you. That's step one. So know what you want, go for it, and fight really hard for it yourself! Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you. I see it around me, for example, that young people allow themselves to be influenced far too much by others and therefore forget what they themselves want and find important. Set your goals high. Change does not come after sleeping overnight, change really comes after investing. I've been dancing for about 15 years now, I also didn't get anywhere because I woke up or because things suddenly came my way.

"Everyone has setbacks and their own difficulties, but even the negative can be used as motivation for yourself!"

Redouan Ait Chitt (29)