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Great that you want to participate in the Hohsaas 12-hour challenge. On this page you can purchase your starting ticket for yourself or your entire team for the Distance, Fun and Tour challenges.

Join together with your colleagues?
How cool is it to join together with your organization for a good cause? On this page you will find all the information to sign up as a company.

Buy your starting ticket here!

To participate, it is important that each participant purchase a ticket for participation.

What should you do after you apply?

Once you've purchased your ticket, the fun begins: starting the crowdfunding campaign and arranging your travel and accommodation in Switzerland.

Starting your crowdfunding campaign
After buying your ticket, the organization will set up the crowdfunding page for your team. To participate in the 12-hour Challenge, each team needs to raise a minimum of € 1500 (€ 500 per person) in donations through their own crowdfunding campaign. We will help you with useful tips and you can always contact us if you have any questions. As soon as your page is set up, you will receive an e-mail from the organization. You can immediately start personalizing your page and start fundraising together with your team.

Are you curious which teams participated in 12-Hour Challenge last edition?
You can view action pages of the teams of the 2024 edition here.

Plan your trip and accommodation
To get you started, we have created an information page on the following topics:

  • Itinerary examples
  • Accommodations tips
  • Material supplies
  • Preliminary program
  • Route & travel tips

We have answered the most common questions on our FAQ page.
Below is a selection:

The starting ticket costs €200 per person (early bird rate: €150 for registrations before Oct. 15, 2023), included are:

  • starting number (bib/shirt)
  • use GPS tracker (1 per team), live tracking for home fans
  • unlimited use of the gondola during the 12-hour challenge
  • breakfast on March 16 during the challenge
  • lunch on March 16 following the challenge
  • DJ & entertainment
  • chance to win great prizes
  • contribution to organizational costs (safety, gondola use, etc.)

Thanks to the enormous help of many volunteers we manage to keep the organizational costs low every year. But we can't escape making costs when organizing the 12-hour Challenge: we rent the gondola (for a total of 14 hours, which is 2x as long as a standard ski day), provide safety (nets, lighting, first aid), make arrangements with accommodations and recruit and guide teams in their preparation. Some extras (such as breakfast and lunch) are also included in the start ticket. All these organizational costs are covered by the start tickets.

We believe that organizational costs should be strictly separated from the money raised through crowdfunding. After all, 100% of that goes to charity: the organization of the Mentelity Games. 

In short: the starting ticket covers the organizational costs of the 12-hour Challenge, the crowdfunding amount is used 100% for the organization of the Mentelity Games (= the charity).

In terms of equipment, each participant is required to wear the following:

  • Helmet
  • Back protector (not required, but advised)
  • Front light (white, the brighter, the better)
  • Rear light (red, bicycle light will do)
  • Race-BIB (vest, handed out at the briefing)
  • GPS tracker (will be handed out at the briefing)
  • Glasses or goggles with clear or light lenses (not required, but advised)

It is possible to purchase 1 or 2 sets of lamps per team and share them within your team. Keep in mind that transferring the lamps does take some time.

For the Tour Challenge you can participate solo, for the Distance and Fun Challenge you need to participate as a team. Are you still looking for team members? Please contact us, there are always teams looking for team members. 

Send a mail to and mention whether you ski or snowboard, which challenge you are participating in (Tour, Distance, Fun), your level and your ambition (is the focus on making meters or having fun?).

The ideal team size is 3 people, with this you can change in a good rhythm and get through the 12 hours well. With more people it is too long to wait until you can ski/board again, with less people we think the risk is too great that you get tired and accidents happen. 

You may participate with 4 (or more) people in a team, but this excludes you from the competition at the Distance and Tour Challenge. So you can compete for the most miles, but you will be out of the prizes at the awards ceremony because you are with more team members than the other teams. 



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