''I had a big smile on my face all day!


Sarah joined the Mentelity Games for the first time this year. She found it difficult to find a sport she could handle with her lung covid but came across chair skiing through her psychologist and decided to take on the challenge. Together with her family, she traveled to Switzerland for a week in the mountains.

Sarah actually had two clear goals for the week: One, enjoy the mountains as much as possible and live in the moment. And two, the Big Air Bag!!! When she saw that it was possible to go over the ramp with the zitski, she wanted nothing more. A cool challenge that she and her guide went for. She ended up doing this for two mornings and jumped the ramp as many as five times. "I experienced so much freedom!", Sarah told me afterwards. "Not just on the BigAirBag, but the whole week. There are so many kind volunteers who want to help with everything that literally nothing is impossible. A solution was found for everything and I thought that was really special to experience."

Sarah also tells us that the Games have given her tremendous self-confidence. "I got so many compliments on how I did. People didn't look at my challenge like they often do in the Netherlands anyway, but people looked at me for what I could do. I felt appreciated and had a big smile on my face all day."

Now that Sarah is back in the Netherlands she tells all her family and friends about this amazing adventure where she continuously gets the same back: "Sarah, you shine!"
Sarah now dares to step confidently into new situations back home as well and still dreams of the backflip in her zitski.

Do you want to get involved for another person?
To ensure that many people like Sarah can participate in the Mentelity Games again next year, a special event has been created: the 12-hour Challenge. Teams of 3 people take on the challenge of skiing or snowboarding in relay for 12 hours. The teams raise money through crowdfunding. From these proceeds the Mentelity Games will be financed.