The 3 Challenges explained

Participation in the 12-hour Challenge is possible for (tour) skiers and snowboarders of various levels. 

With your team you choose the challenge that suits your level and ambitions. During the challenge, one person is always skiing or snowboarding and each team determines its own rhythm for switching. A team basically consists of three people and the distance covered is measured with a GPS tracker, which can be followed by the home front. Each team receives 1 GPS tracker and this is handed over to the next skier or snowboarder as a relay bar each time.

1. Fun Challenge - Triftalp
For personal ambition and team fun on an accessible slope


Set your own goal during the Fun Challenge. Define how many runs you want to make with your team during the 12 hours and challenge yourself to achieve this goal. Speed on the slopes is not the most important thing, because participating is more important than winning. Your motivation lies in the combination of contributing to charity and having fun together and taking on the adventure on the slopes with your teammates.

Winner: Two prizes will be given: "Best of Crowdfunding" for the team with the highest crowdfunding amount and "Best of Fun" for the team with the biggest fun factor.

2. Distance Challenge -Glacier Piste
For competition tigers and advanced winter athletes


As a team, you try to cover as many miles as possible in the 12 hours. It's all about speed, stamina and the right tactics for changing the three team members, who take turns on the slopes. In connection with safety on the Triftgletscher Piste (high speed and partly narrow trails), the organization recommends this discipline only for advanced skiers and snowboarders.

Winner: The team with the most miles, wins this challenge.

3. Tour Challenge - Weissmieshütte
For the real daredevils, who prefer not to step into the elevator


Again, it's about covering as many miles as possible in the 12 hours, but without using the elevator. You walk up (with skins under your skis or your snowboard on your back) and ski or snowboard down. This challenge is held on a private slope, so you don't have to take into account the other participants. You can do this discipline individually or as a team of three.

Winner: Two prizes will be given to the person with the most miles traveled: best team and best solo performance.

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