FAQ Mentelity Games

Do you have a question? Please read the questions below, maybe your question is among them. If not, please send an email to Juul.

No. As a foundation we focus on people with physical disabilities, this is where our expertise lies and this is therefore the target audience for the Mentelity Games. We do not focus on people with intellectual disabilities. Do you doubt whether you can / may participate? Please contact Juul.

No. The Mentelity Games are for all levels, from beginner to advanced. We divide class groups by discipline (sit ski, snowboard, stand up ski) and experience. 

  • Adapted standing skiing
  • Zitkski
  • Snowboarding
  • Snowboard / ski with a visual challenge

Do you have questions about what might be the best fit for you? If so, please contact Juul

The Mentelity Games are organized in Saas-Grund, Switzerland. You can choose to travel by bus, which runs especially for the Mentelity Games. You can purchase a ticket for this on the ticket page. Keep in mind that the bus leaves late Saturday evening March 16 near Bilthoven (arrival in Saas-Grund on Sunday March 17) and returns late Saturday evening March 23 back in the Netherlands (same place as departure, near Bilthoven).

You can also choose to travel to the Mentelity Games by your own transportation. Should you come by car, we advise you to take the car train Lötschbergbahn to cross the mountains between Kandersteg and Goppenstein. Would you like to car-pool? We heartily encourage that, it would be a shame to drive to Switzerland with more cars than necessary. So,do you still have a free spot in your car or are you looking for a place to ride along? Then use the platform Using this Dutch platform you can easily car-pool (find and offer free spots), you can also use them to book a cab from the airport or train station to the ski resort and find other winter sports people to share a cab ride with. Use of the platform is free and after making contact with your car-pool buddy, you make arrangements directly with each other to share costs and the like.

You can also choose to travel to Saas -Grund by train. There is a good (direct) train connection from Utrecht to Basel; from Basel you take the train to Visp. From Visp you take the PostAuto to Saas Grund; this takes 42 minutes to Saas-Grund. With this option you come to a total travel time of about 9:30 hours.

As an alternative to the mail bus from Visp to Saas-Grund, you can book a cab from Visp to Saas-Fee / Saas-Grund through the Dutch website You can also book the cab service with one of the Swiss airports as the departure point. The advantage of booking a cab through you can get in touch with other winter sports enthusiasts, who have the same final destination and with whom you can share a cab. Using the platform is free and after contacting your car-pool / cab buddy, you make arrangements directly with each other about sharing costs and the like. We encourage our participants and volunteers to travel together through this platform as much as possible. Reserving a cab is best done in advance (in the place rather than when you need it), this way you can be sure that your ride can be scheduled at the desired time.

For further travel tips, see also the Saas-Fee and Saas-Grund tourism office page.

Yes. If you cannot make your own transfer to a regular passenger seat on the bus, please take in advance please contact Juul.

Yes. Please note that there are a limited number of spots. You sign up with us through a Google Forms where you can indicate your preferences and experience. We will contact you as soon as we can place you in the Mentelity Games. 

For more information and to sign up; check out the volunteer page.

This is possible by arrangement and at additional cost, depending on the availability of the accommodation. For further information, please contact Juul.

For all participants with a physical challenge: You can bring your own winter sports equipment, if you have it. Please note: if you choose for the Mentelity Games Bus Trip and want to bring your own zitski, please contact Juul first. You also have the option to rent the equipment from us, for this you will find additional tickets on the ticket page. For all travel companions (without physical challenge): bring your own equipment or rent the equipment at the local rental stores (as a Mentelity Games participant you will receive a discount), there are two near the valley station in Saas-Grund.

Yes. On our ticket page you will find more information about the different packages. For example, you can purchase a "Standard Deal" for your travel companion (without a tuition package). 

On the ticket page you will find the different tickets that can be booked and the corresponding price. Here you also extras that can be booked such as the appropriate winter sports equipment.

The moment you have purchased a ticket, we will send you a Google Forms where you can submit your preferences. The organization will go through all your preferences and try to classify everyone as much as possible. As soon as the layouts are known you will be notified again. 

At hotel/guesthouse you stay in a double or family room. You have a private bathroom with shower and toilet. With this type of stay, breakfast is included and you can book half board (breakfast & dinner) at an additional cost.

If you prefer to stay in an apartment, there are apartments available for two to eight people. You will have your own kitchen so you will need to provide your own breakfast and dinner.

For more information on the different accommodation types check out the accommodations page. 

Yes. All accommodations can be reached with max. 10 minutes walk or roll

The moment you have purchased a ticket, we will send you a Google Forms in which you give us further information about your physical challenge and which aids you may need, such as a shower stool. Together we will coordinate what you can bring yourself and what we as an organization can arrange for you.

No. We are not able to take over care duties. If you are unable to dress yourself, etc., please bring a travel companion who can take care of this. For him/her you can purchase a ticket without lessons and, if desired, without a ski pass.