Tickets Mentelity Games 2025

This ticket shop page will be active by the end of June. 

Read the explanation of the different tickets and options below and then create your own package in the ticket shop at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: For seated skiers, we have a limited number of spots, full = full. 

Premium Deal or Standard Deal
Accommodation: all tickets for the Mentelity Games include accommodation, with a choice of hotel/guesthouse with breakfast (half-board at extra cost) or apartment without breakfast. Here you can find more information about the accommodations.

Lesson package: there is a choice of a ticket with lessons (Premium Deal) or without lessons (Standard Deal). We assume that anyone with a physical challenge will take advantage of the lesson package (Premium Deal). The Standard Deal (without lesson package) is intended for travel companions, such as friends or family members of a participant with physical challenge. If travel companions choose the Premium Deal, they will receive two hours of lessons daily from the local ski school.

Note Extras

  • Zitski: for €150 you can rent a zitski, you will come and try it on before departure. If you have your own zitski, you can bring it with you. If not, add the rental of the zitski to the extras in the ticket shop.
  • Notice! Would you like to bring your own zitski on the bus? Please contact Juul in advance .
  • Snowboard: for €100 you rent a board from the Bibian Mentel Foundation, this is cheaper than renting in Switzerland. There is an option to buy the snowboard after the Mentelity Games, the rental price will be settled.
  • Bus trip: for €160 you purchase a ticket to join the bus to Switzerland. The bus will leave Saturday evening, March 22 in the middle of the country (arrival in Switzerland on Sunday, March 23) and return to the Netherlands on Saturday, March 29 (arrival on the same day). Attention! Are you going on the bus as a wheelchair user and cannot transfer (even with assistance) to a seat on the bus? Please contact in advance Juul. The bus has some wheelchair spaces so you do not have to make a transfer.
  • Discount for non-skiers: for travel companions who want to check out the middle station (Kreuzboden), but do not go skiing or snowboarding, there is a discount. You will then receive a hiking pass that allows you to go back and forth to Kreuzboden 5 times (instead of a ski pass for the entire area). If you are a travel companion and would like to take advantage of this, please choose the ticket 'WANDEL standard deal'.