More energy

When I was four years old, I was diagnosed with Nail Patella Syndrome. As a result, I tire more quickly and have to distribute my energy well. In addition, my kneecaps are smaller, which can make my knees bother me faster.

As a child, I didn't play outside very often, and in terms of sports, I only did swimming. That was to improve my condition, but I didn't really enjoy it.

In 2018, I went to the Para Snow Day and that's where I saw Bibian for the first time. I came that day to try a sit-ski, but I much preferred snowboarding. After all, I find that much cooler and more challenging, but could I? "Of course!" said Bibian. She explained that there were many more kids who tired faster, for example. A month later I had my first snowboard lesson.

I remember very well that after the first lesson I went home proud and felt like getting better at snowboarding. I also got more energy and started trying other sports. Now I also do scootering at a skate park and it has become easier to go out with friends. I have a lot more energy.

Through Bibian and the Mentelity Foundation, I have learned to look at the possibilities and have gained more self-confidence. I am also less afraid of things going wrong. For example, I broke a bone in my arm during the Mentelity Games, but still dared to go back on the track with a cast. I had to be careful, but otherwise I might not have dared to do it later.

It would be cool if more kids gain confidence and get fitter by getting nice exercise. You just have to start doing and trying things you like!

"It would be cool if kids became more confident and fit!"

Siep van Groningen
12 years