Everyone on the move

Sports have always played a big role in my life. I played handball for 20 years, tennis for several years and I love sailing, kitesurfing and wakeboarding (but don't get to that very often anymore). My weekly sports are currently running and horseback riding. And as often as I can, I go on winter sports, which is my great passion. Starting out on skis, then snowboarding and now back on skis - I always look forward to every trip to the mountains. And I really enjoy watching my two daughters develop that same passion now. 

For me, sport is much more than the activity itself: it's fun to do, of course, but it does so much more. It brings people together, on the field and in the stands. A shared passion connects and builds bridges. It is therefore inconceivable to me that some people do not have access to sports and exercise. The reason for this? A healthcare system in which a sports device must be effective and have a healthcare function. A system in which insurers refuse reimbursement because a sports prosthesis (in their opinion) does not meet that requirement. How is it possible?

You would like this system to go up immediately but unfortunately this takes a little more time. And that is why it is so important that there are organizations and people, who can and want to help. So that everyone who wants to get moving can do so as soon as possible. 

With the Re-Abeld program, we do exactly that: get people moving - literally, and also in terms of "mindset. Because in addition to the right tool, the right guidance, meeting and being able to spar with others, is also a valuable part of the program. 

Bibian's thinking and her foundation inspire me greatly. Thinking in terms of possibilities, inspiring and motivating people to get moving. That is what I dedicate myself to with great pleasure and passion. And the fact that I also come into contact with so many wonderful people and insanely fun activities completes the circle for me. 

"Bibian's dream was for everyone to become the best version of themselves. A sentence, which is so easy to write down, but which in practice sometimes takes months or years. And that doesn't matter, because the road towards it is also part of the goal, which you want to achieve. With the Re-Abled program we help and guide people on their journey to make their dream come true. And that's great to be able to do."

Charlotte van der Veen