No more treatment possible after new metastases for Bibian Mentel

Bibian Mentel's doctors found metastases again in early February for the Mentelity Foundation founder. Where in the previous 21 years a way to reduce the cancer was found each time, treatment is now no longer possible.

The doctors have told Bibian that it is wise to start saying goodbye to her loved ones, and our power woman is taking all the time she needs for that. Her family, relatives, friends and loved ones are with Bibian a lot to share stories and memories of her wonderful life and make new ones together.

As everyone knows Bibian, despite the bad news, she is still enjoying life every day and looking at the possibilities. She has therefore decided to go ahead with a big business congress on Winner's Mentality, scheduled for March 9. That congress will raise money to make Bibian's dreams come true.

Edwin Spee, Bibian's husband and director of the Foundation, will join Humberto Tan this Sunday (9:30 p.m., RTL 4) to talk about the latest news. Depending on how Bibian is feeling, she may still call in to the studio.

At the Mentelity Foundation, we are saddened but most of all incredibly grateful for what Bibian means to people with physical challenges. We have promised her to continue her work with unprecedented motivation. Bibian's dream is equal opportunities for children with physical challenges. Not only those children deserve for this dream to come true. So does Bibian, the woman who has worked tirelessly for this group for years. Together we are going to make her dream come true.

Team Mentelity