Bibian Mentel immortalized with new name for own foundation: Bibian Mentel Foundation.

Bibian was and still is a great inspiration to many. Thinking in possibilities and always pushing your own limits, she did that like no other. To keep her heritage alive, it was now - two years after her passing - time to change the name of her foundation: Mentelity Foundation becomes Bibian Mentel Foundation. The old name lives on in our credo: It's all about Mentelity!

''Equal opportunities for everyone with a physical challenge.'' That was Bibian's dream and is now the mission of the Bibian Mentel Foundation. 

Bibian Mentel, multiple paralympic snowboarder, died of cancer two years ago. Her foundation, formerly Mentelity Foundation, lives on. ''Bibian would be so proud of where we are now. People still often ask me, how could she always stay so positive? The answer to that is: follow your passion and be a little kind to each other. Two of Bibian's five precepts that we carry into our projects and events every day. Together with our team, we will keep her positivity and thoughts alive and make sure she is never forgotten. '', said Edwin Spee, general director of the Bibian Mentel Foundation.

 "It is quite an exciting time for our foundation, who are we without our founder and how do we continue her work? Bibian opened many doors and fortunately very beautiful collaborations still flow from that. Together with our partners we are building wonderful projects. This summer, for example, we are opening our second Bibian Mentel Playground in Axel and our ultimate goal is to open twelve of these playgrounds in the Netherlands. And we have just returned from our annual winter sports trip, the Mentelity Games. In addition, we are in the midst of organizing our Prosthesis Festival and Benefit Party." 

How it all began. In the year 2001, Bibian's leg had to be amputated due to a very rare, aggressive form of bone cancer. Immediately, Bibian was already looking ahead. Even before the amputation, she discussed with a prosthetist what would be possible after the operation. And by that she did not just mean walking... Bibian comes to the conclusion that it must be possible to resume her old life with a bag full of different legs. Even before she can walk again, nine months after her amputation, she wins the Dutch Championship ... among able-bodied athletes! 

Bibian founded the Mentelity Foundation in 2012 to help young people lead full lives. With the foundation, Bibian dedicated herself to ensuring that anyone with a physical challenge has access to the right tools and she motivates them to start moving again and always follow your passion. 

Now, within our Re-abled program, we help anyone with a physical challenge get the most out of themselves. We do this by offering better guidance and providing our participants with the right prosthetic/orthotic device. In addition, we motivate them to get moving and push boundaries. During our challenging activities, we show people that they are capable of more than they think. And so we not only change lives, but also make society look differently at people with physical challenges.