Merijn cycles with Naud and Derk along 18 golf courses to raise money

Naud Frese and Derk ter Braak face a unique challenge Wednesday, June 17, together with Merijn Koek of the Mentelity Foundation. Naud and Derk will play 18 holes and do so on 18 different golf courses. The distance between the golf courses, a total of 132 kilometers, will be covered by road bike together with Merijn. During this sporting day, money will be raised for the Mentelity Foundation of Paralympic champion Bibian Mentel and the Royal Dutch Golf Federation.

The idea for the sports challenge came about during the corona crisis when Naud and Derk were forced to ride their road bikes more than they could run a round on the course. "During one of our rides, this idea came to us," said Derk, "We wanted to run 18 holes for charity, but in a unique way. By playing on 18 courses and covering the distance on a road bike, we hope to raise a lot of money." During the ride, they will take only three golf clubs with them and a tight schedule has been set for the day. The day starts at 6:30 a.m. at Golf Course Spaarnwoude and is scheduled to end at 9:51 p.m. at The Kennemer Golf Club.

Two charities
Naud and Derk have chosen two charities to support with their unique achievement: the Royal Dutch Golf Federation (NGF) and the Mentelity Foundation of Paralympic champion Bibian Mentel. "In this special time, the NGF is supporting golf courses, which have fallen on hard times financially due to the measures around the coronavirus. This is an initiative that we as golfers can only support."

The other half of the proceeds will go to the Mentelity Foundation. "Bibian, with her Mentelity Foundation, is committed to helping children and young people with physical challenges," says Derk. "For example, the Foundation organizes several sporting events a year, gives weekly snowboarding lessons and is developing a new, modular prosthesis that makes life easier for users. In addition, they want to show that anything is possible, no matter what physical challenge you have. That's a goal we are passionate about."

Merijn Koek cycles along
During the bike ride, Naud and Derk will be joined by Merijn Koek of the Mentelity Foundation. Merijn, who was born without lower leg and forearms, does not shy away from a sporting challenge and has been on a road bike regularly since this year. "This will be the biggest lap I've cycled so far, but I'm happy to be able to raise money for the Foundation together with these guys. I won't rule out playing a hole as well. It's going to be a great day!"

In total, the initiators hope to raise at least 10,000 euros with the sporting challenge. Everyone is more than welcome to encourage the trio during the day. A timetable of the day can be found on the special action page and people can donate to support this great initiative.

Do you want to support this great initiative? Then take a look now at the special action page of Ride 'n Play and donate. The proceeds of this day will be shared by the NGF and the Mentelity Foundation. Donate now!