Mentelity SUP Event 2022: Get your tickets now for Aug. 28

The Mentelity Foundation organizes August 28 for the eleventh time the Mentelity SUP Event at Ottenhome in Kortenhoef. During this sporty day we will enjoy the water during the afternoon and end the day with live music and a delicious barbecue with drinks.

SUP stands for 'Stand Up Paddling' and is one of the fastest growing water sports in the Netherlands. Armed with a Sup-board and a paddle, participants of the Mentelity Sup Event enter the water to paddle through the water standing, kneeling or sitting on the board.

Accessible for everyone
Mentelity SUP Events is an ideal day out for families and groups of friends. On the day itself we provide the appropriate material for everyone, physically challenged or not. Will you take to the water alone on a Sup-board or will you go as a group on the XXL-board to support each other during the trip? Together we will make sure everyone gets moving during the Sup Event. Will we see you on the water on August 28?

Information & planning
The SUP Event will be held at Ottenhome in Kortenhoef (Zuwe 20, 1241NC) and will start at 14:00. There will be a SUP tour on the Loosdrechtse Plassen (lakes) and the Mentelity Foundation will provide a guide for each group. After the supping it will be time for music and a delicious barbecue.

Arrival at Ottenhome.
15:00 hours: Start Sup-tour
17:00 h rs: End Sup-tour, start drinks, free Suping or swimming
17:30: Start Barbecue & Music


Tickets for the Mentelity SUP Event can be ordered here. There are three types of tickets available:

  • SUP + Deluxe adult barbecue for €40
  • SUP + Deluxe barbecue for children up to 13 years €17.50
  • Deluxe Barbecue loose €30