dream of bibian mentel

Help make Bibian Mentel's dream come true

On March 29, 2021, Bibian Mentel, the founder of the Mentelity Foundation, passed away. For the next two weeks, we are therefore thinking extra about the wonderful memories we have with her and are putting Bibian's dream at the center of our efforts: equal opportunities for people with physical challenges. Will you help make Bibian's dream come true? 

Everyone has the right to equal opportunity to become the best version of themselves. That was Bibian Mentel's dream. Now our mission is to make Bibian's dream come true. We do that by inspiring and motivating people to get moving.

Over the next two weeks on our social channels, we will be sharing stories of people we have already had the opportunity to help, great memories we have with Bibian, performances from our annual Mentelity Gala and launching a special and new project, which we may tell more about in the next two weeks.


You can help us make Bibian's dream a reality. Starting today, March 14, we are launching a new campaign. Text 'DROOM' to 4004 and you will be sent a one-time donation link that makes it easy to support us. With the donations we motivate children and young adults to get moving, inspire them with Bibian's life lessons and change lives with the impact we make.

Thank you that Bibian's dream has also become your dream. Together we will make her dream come true!