The Mentelity Foundation is official charity partner of the Future Focus Leadership seminar that will be organized by DenkProducties on September 19 in Amsterdam. During this event speakers of national and international top level will come to Amsterdam. To update you in one day about future proof leadership: Future Focused Leadership. 

After seminars with Barack Obama (2018) and Simon Sinek (2019), Think Productions is once again unpacking a world-class seminar: Future Focused Leadership. How do you set your organization's sights on the future? And how do you encourage continuous innovation to become truly future-proof? Confirmed speakers at the seminar include:

  • Usain Bolt - Multiple Olympic champion and Fastest man on the planet
  • Yuval Noah Harari - Author of bestsellers Sapiens and Homo Deus
  • Amy Edmondson - Harvard Professor of Psychological Safety
  • Boyan Slat - The Ocean Cleanup, one of our national young heroes
  • And many others: all live on stage in Amsterdam. Not virtual, but real

Charity Partner 

The Mentelity Foundation is official charity partner of the Future Focus Leadership seminar. Visitors of the seminar who buy their tickets via the special button on this page, will directly donate 25% of the purchase amount to Bibian Mentel's Foundation. In addition, the Mentelity Foundation is hosting a 'Deep Dive session' on September 19 with a special guest: Duncan Wardle!

Duncan spent 25 years at Walt Disney where he rose to Vice President of Innovation & Creativity. In that role, he was responsible for the development of dozens of innovations that took Disney's "customer experience" to absolute world prominence. Duncan is overwhelming and overwhelming. A speaker who keeps you on the edge of your seat and makes a deep impression. And who will send you home with creative ideas to challenge your team to become even more customer-driven.


Would you like to attend the Future Focused Leadership seminar? And also support the Mentelity Foundation? Then order your tickets using the button below. Only when tickets are ordered through this link, 25% of the purchase amount will automatically be donated to the Mentelity Foundation.


Learn more

Would you like more information about the seminar? Are you curious about the full program? Then take a look at the website of DenkProducties. There you will find more information about Future Focused Leadership.(NOTE: Order your tickets via the button above if you want to support the Mentelity Foundation. Only then will 25% go to charity).

The Mentelity Foundation would like to thank DenkProducties for the collaboration and looks forward to the inspiring day on Sept. 19.