Bibian Mentel opens own Cruyff Court at De Hoogstraat Rehabilitation

A special moment Tuesday afternoon on the grounds of De Hoogstraat Rehabilitation. There Bibian Mentel was allowed to open her own Cruyff Court. The sports field will be used by rehabilitants of the center. "You can't make me prouder, my own Cruyff Court in use by rehabilitants. That I can see this myself makes me very happy." 

The Special Cruyff Court is fully tailored to the needs of children and adults rehabilitating at De Hoogstraat Rehabilitation Utrecht. The court will occupy a central place in their treatment programs. A special location for Bibian, as she herself has rehabilitated there several times. "It's so nice that this court is here and I hope a lot of children will enjoy it and be able to exercise."

The Cruyff Court has only just been built, but is already a great success. The first rehabilitants have already been able to practice on it and last weekend various activities were organized by third parties. A training session of the Dutch men's sitting volleyball team took place there, in the run-up to the Nations League and the European Championships. Only Friends Utrecht also organized dance and soccer activities for children with disabilities.

In addition to the organized activities, the Special Cruyff Court is also a public sports field. Children from the neighborhood, with and without disabilities, already know how to find the Cruyff Court right away, and at some times it is heartily crowded with sporting children. "When I hear that, my heart leaps. A wonderful example of inclusive sports. Thus Bibian Mentel."

On behalf of Bibian and the Mentelity Foundation, we want to say a huge thank you to the Cruyff Foundation and De Hoogstraat. "It's so cool that together we are now going to get kids moving. I want to thank these organizations for that. A dream come true!"