Mentelity Wakeboard clinics

Popping across the water on a wakeboard? Then come to one of the Mentelity Wakeboarding clinics. During the clinics we show you how you can still wakeboard with a physical challenge and provide tips and tricks that fit your specific situation. With our guidance and expertise, we can get just about anyone wakeboarding or waterskiing!

Wakeboarding with a physical challenge
Guides from the Wakeboard Rinks and the Mentelity Foundation will guide you on this day as best they can and give tips and tricks. Wakeboarding is a sport that takes a lot of strength, but especially perseverance. Together we look at the possibilities to let everyone wakeboard. For example, did you know that you can wakeboard sitting down? The Mentelity Foundation has the equipment to make that possible.

Accessible for everyone
The Mentelity Wakeboard clinic is an ideal day out for families and groups of friends. On the day we provide the appropriate equipment for everyone, physically challenged or not. Together we make sure everyone gets moving during the Wakeboard clinic.

Next Wakeboard Clinics
The next Wakeboard Clinic is scheduled for May 14 and June 6 at Cablepark VIEW in Almere. All information about that event can be found on this page.

Questions about the Mentelity Wakeboard clinics? Then get in touch with us!