A new start

As a little boy, I thought nothing could destroy me. But nineteen years ago something happened that turned my world upside down: At eighteen, I was riding my motorcycle through Alkmaar. A cab from the right unexpectedly crossed my path. The first thing I saw after that hit was the lights in the hospital. It didn't look good: broken jaw, broken arm and a multiple broken lower leg. My left lower leg had to be amputated, three days before Bibian Mentel lost her leg. My life took a very different turn due to moderate care and poor prosthetics.

I moved alone to another city, lost contact with my parents and fell into depression. Booze and drugs relieved my worries, but the escape didn't get me anything.

The Mentelity Foundation woke me up and literally got me moving. I noticed that sports not only kept me going physically, but more importantly mentally. It gives me willpower.

Since joining the Mentelity Foundation, I see that there are opportunities to grow. As an athlete, but also as a person. I now enjoy doing different sports: running, swimming, strength training and crossfit.

I spent a very long time searching for the right prosthesis. The JUMP from the Mentelity Foundation has been a new start in my life for me. With the capabilities of the JUMP, I am exceeding expectations with my ability. I now set the bar higher and higher for myself. I used to be able to exercise for three quarters of an hour at most. Now I am sometimes still working out after two and a half hours.

My wish is for the JUMP to become more accessible to all who need it. And for those who need it, remember: asking for help is not a weakness, it's a strength. That's something I had to learn. There is always someone willing to help you, but it doesn't happen by itself.

"The Mentelity Foundation's JUMP has been a new start in my life for me," he said.

Lionel Goorissen
37 years