Jelle van den Berg Foundation makes special donation

Recently we were privileged to receive a nice donation from the Jelle van den Berg Foundation. This foundation was established in 2013, after Jelle died at the age of 18 in the mountains of Austria. Jelle's family was looking for a way to deal with the great loss in a positive way and established the foundation. Together with friends of Jelle, they spent 7 seasons organizing various activities to make snowsports accessible to vulnerable children. Now, 10 years later, the foundation has decided to finish the work and donate the available funds to foundations with the same goal. With our snowboard lessons and the Mentelity Games, we are doing exactly what the Jelle van den Berg Foundation was all about: giving vulnerable children the chance to play sports, so that they too can experience the positive contribution in terms of health and personal development. In addition, Jelle was a great admirer of Bibian, because of her positive mentality and because she made sure that snowboarding got the Olympic recognition it deserved. Thank you, Jelle van den Berg Foundation!

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