Let Bibian Mentel inspire you 

Bibian Mentel has touched thousands of people in her life with her positivity, perseverance, love and cheerfulness. Below is a small selection of interviews, documentaries, stories and videos to get yourself inspired by Bibian. 

Last interview with Humberto Tan
Bibian was told in early March 2021 that doctors could do nothing more for her when metastases were found in her brain. Later that week she appeared via video link Humberto Tan's talk show, where her husband and director of the Mentelity Foundation Edwin Spee was sitting at the table. The conversation was impressive and Bibian spoke at length about what still made her happy and what she enjoyed now that the end of her life was in sight. The Netherlands was touched after the conversation and Bibian was flooded with loving messages.


The Book LEEF
In the book LEEF you will read how Bibian quickly turned the switch after every bad news call, how her second Paralympic Games became a great success and how she very consciously chose to live. Because she did live. With heart and soul. Every day again.

Documentary 'Bibian Mentel, dare to dream'
NOS followed Bibian Mentel extensively from the year 2014, capturing the high peaks and deep valleys of her life. From the gold medals at the 2018 Paralympic Games to the treatments in the hospital. In the week before her death, documentary filmmaker Edwin Peek had an in-depth interview with Bibian and talked extensively about her life.


Documentary 'LIVE'
Documentary filmmaker Jesse Bleekemolen followed Bibian Mentel for Videoland and created a probing portrait. The situation seems hopeless when she ends up in a wheelchair due to a medical error and the cancer keeps returning to her body, but Bibian and her family refuse to let that rotten disease determine everything.


Ode to Bibian
Following the death of Bibian Mentel on March 29, 2021, writer Frank Heijnen was commissioned by TeamNL to create a beautiful ode to one of Holland's all-time sports heroes.