Bibian Mentel was diagnosed with cancer fifteen times since the year 2000. In LEEF you can read how Bibian quickly made the switch after every bad news conversation and how she consciously chose to live. Because she did live. With heart and soul. Every day again. Bibian inspired and motivated people daily - and she still does - to also choose for life and get the most out of herself and the moment.

Lutske Bonsma interviewed Bibian Mentel frequently in 2017 and 2018 and wrote the book LEEF as a result . After it was announced that Bibian was out of treatment in February 2021, new interviews followed and were recorded in the revised edition of LEEF.

Bibian:"If I sit in a corner moping at everything that happens to me, I would not have had much fun these past few years. I enjoy all the good things in my life and make sure my body is in optimal condition to fight cancer. I do this through positive thinking, exercise, healthy eating and enough sleep. In addition, good doctors and a good dose of luck are essential."

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