The table book 128. Bibian Mentel, winner of so much more than gold alone is filled with Bibian's best photos, most poignant interviews, quotes and new stories written by Edwin Spee and Peter Heerschop.

Edwin: "Every day I still miss Bibian and her smile and positivity tremendously. But on the other hand, every day I still see what she has meant to me with her way of life. Thanks to Bibian I am now a nicer husband, colleague, friend, partner and father. For that I am enormously grateful to her."

But Edwin also sees what Bibian has meant to others and hopes this book can help to continue to convey her life lessons, even now that she is gone. "We have collected the best interviews, quotes and photos to capture the Bibian her way of life as best we can," he said.

"Together with Peter, I tried to unravel how Bibian was able to stay so positive despite everything she had on her plate," Edwin said. "We hope people will give the table book a nice place in their homes and will open it often and be able to draw strength from it. The same strength that Bibian knew how to convey to people."

The book '128. Bibian Mentel, winner of so much more than just gold' could not have been made without the help of countless photographers, publishers, colleagues, journalists, friends and family members. "It was heartwarming that almost everyone wanted to contribute immediately upon hearing Bibian's name. In addition, a special thank you to Funcke and Peter Heerschop, who created and designed the book with us. We as a family are very happy with the result achieved."