Traveling alone

I always dreamed of winter sports. My parents always told the best stories and I was even conceived on winter sports. Unfortunately, being a student was not a financially viable option, so I postponed my trip to the snow until after college. However, my life turned out differently and now I have been in a wheelchair for several years due to a connective tissue disorder.

Still, it kept itching and I started looking for a way to experience that feeling, which is where the Mentelity Games came my way. Here I saw my dream come true after all; despite my physical challenge, to go on winter sports for the first time in my life. When I saw the mountains for the first time from the bus, tears streamed down my cheeks and the best was yet to come: four days of sliding down the slopes in a sit-ski. A great experience with professional guidance from the Mentelity Foundation. Together we looked at opportunities and possibilities despite my challenge. Apart from the skiing, I learned something much more important there: I returned with a different mindset, a sense of victory and new energy. Partly inspired by the other participants, each with their own physical challenge, and the professional guidance from the Mentelity Foundation, I discovered at that place that I can do much more than I thought and that asking for help is not a sign of weakness.

After this, I even went on a trip alone to London. I got on the train and thought I'll see what comes my way. Something I would never have dared to do before the Mentelity Games. Because of the Mentelity Foundation I have become a lot more independent. I won't let my wheelchair and physical challenge thwart my plans in the future.

"Don't be afraid to ask for help, that's a sign of strength."

Larissa de Groot
26 years old