Fighting for equal rights

Continuing Bibian's legacy and her Foundation is what drives me, and I am grateful to be able to contribute to this cause every day. Together with our passionate team, we are working hard to make her dream come true.

As a close friend of Bibian and Edwin's right-hand man, I know better than anyone else how Bibian was in life, the mission she has with the Foundation and how I can help her positive legacy live on. Ten years ago, I stepped into Edwin's commercial business. There I also met Bibian; she had just started the foundation and held offices in the same building. When Edwin decided to quit his limited companies and dedicate himself fully to the Bibian Mentel Foundation, Edwin & Bibian asked me to join them. Me? In a sports environment for kids with physical challenges? Let's go!

A special friendship developed and the three of us set up many programs and projects. After working for myself for several years, Edwin called me and said, ''Joos, I think it's time to come back.'' I have been back on board since 2021 and to continue her dream together with a team of six is very cool! I feel more than ever how important it is that we fight for equal rights for everyone with physical challenges.

And Bibian.... She is surely looking over our shoulders and as happy as Edwin and I are that we are working together again.

"Continuing Bibian's legacy and her Mentelity Foundation is what drives me and I am grateful to be able to contribute to this cause every day."

Jozefien van Son
Deputy Director