Just right as you are

From an early age, I was taught the importance of taking the positive out of life. No matter how dark it gets, there are always points of light to be found. As Bibian's stepdaughter, I was brought up on this. Even during the period of her death I tried to hold on to this, to make the loss bearable. Now that two years have passed, I feel ready to dedicate myself to everything that made her a great inspiration. Her mentality, life lessons, but especially her dream: equal opportunities for everyone with a physical challenge.

It often never ceases to amaze me how anything even slightly "different" from the norm can be criticized by society. I grew up with the image of Bibian and developed a particularly open mind partly because of this. I wish everyone could look at their fellow man in this way. Because how nice it is, when we are all open to each other and together make the world a little more beautiful. The fact that I feel this so strongly is, I think, also my strength within the foundation. All the people who pass by within the Re-abled program or at our events touch me. Every single one of them is special. That I can now contribute to putting a smile on their faces, I can only feel gratitude.

In addition to my work at the foundation, I started working for myself as a photographer. Also in this field of work I find overlap with what we do at the foundation. Besides having the goal of creating aesthetic images and shooting beautiful editorials within fashion, I also find it very important to radiate diversity. Diversity in origins, bodies, but also stories. For example, I find it very beautiful to convey social problems or, for example, taboos around mental health through photography.

My personal mission within the foundation is to make everyone who interacts with us experience a sense of connection and security. That people feel seen and loved. So if you are reading this right now, I want to tell you that you are beautiful. Very beautiful, just the way you are!

"Because how nice it is when we can all be open to each other and make the world a little more beautiful together."

Annabella Spee (24)
Communications Manager