Yule (14) overjoyed with Indo Board class: 'I'm being nicely stimulated'

Yule can normally be found on SnowWorld's slopes on Sunday mornings, but is now taking Mentelity Foundation's balance board classes online. "I really liked being surprised with the board. The lessons give me a nice boost!" 

Yule, 14, finds the situation surrounding the coronavirus difficult. "The hardest thing for me is to hold myself back during this time. Ideally I want to climb over the fence of the soccer club and play soccer with all my friends, but I can't for a while." So he is very happy that the Mentelity Foundation offers classes with the Indo Board on Sunday mornings. "Then I have something to look forward to every week!"


Yule in action on the Indo Board in the garden.

Yule has a leg length difference and is less able to control the left side of his body. "That's because I had a brain hemorrhage when I was 1 year old," he says. "The exercises with the board allow me to work on my balance. At the beginning it was difficult, but now I've found a kind of rhythm and it's going a lot better."

Every day he is on the board for at least 15 minutes, and on Sundays he joins the online group class. "Nice to see everyone again that way, too," he says. Besides using the balance board to get better at snowboarding, Yule also has another goal in mind. "This summer I would like to learn to surf. These lessons are good training!"