Fourth Bibian Mentel Snowboard School opened at SnowWorld Rucphen

The Mentelity Foundation opened the fourth and fifth locations of the Bibian Mentel Snowboardschool at SnowWorld in Rucphen and Terneuzen on September 18 and October 10. During the special clinics organized in honor of the opening, over 60 children were introduced to snowboarding. 

After opening in Rucphen and Terneuzen, the Bibian Mentel Snowboardschool now offers lessons at five locations in the Netherlands. People with physical challenges can also take snowboard lessons at the Mentelity Foundation in Amsterdam, Zoetermeer and Landgraaf.

Pushing boundaries
"It was two a brilliant days," says Merijn Koek, Snowboard Instructor at the Mentelity Foundation. "Everyone was really looking forward to it and made great strides during the clinic. It's always great to see participants push their limits during our activities."

The Mentelity Snowboard School is supported by the Johan Cruyff Foundaion and IT4Kids. "Both organizations make it possible to offer weekly snowboarding lessons throughout the country. The fact that we get to get these kids moving thanks to their help gives us so much satisfaction," Merijn said. "We are happy that the Johan Cruyff Foundation and IT4Kids are helping us to make Bibian Mentel's dream come true."

Snowboard lessons
Would you like to take snowboard lessons at one of the locations or do you have questions about the Bibian Mentel Snowboardschool? Please contact Merijn Koek( of the Mentelity Foundation and who knows, maybe you'll soon be at the top of the slopes at SnowWorld. See you then!