Bibian Mentel

SMS LEEF to 4004 and make Bibian Mentel's dream come true

"Collect memories, not possessions." With those words, Bibian Mentel managed to touch all of the Netherlands on Sunday night during her interview with Humberto Tan. Now it is time to join you in giving Bibian a beautiful memory. 


Bibian Mentel's doctors found metastases again in early February for the Mentelity Foundation founder. Where in the previous 21 years a way to reduce the cancer was found each time, treatment is now no longer possible. On Sunday night, Bibian gave an interview with Humberto on RTL 4 about the current situation. At the end of the impressive interview, Bibian gave viewers a wise lesson. "Collect memories, not possessions. And go do what you love. I started following my passion very quickly, I'm very glad I did."

Bibian hopes her Mentelity Foundation can continue to help children with physical challenges even after her passing. This power woman believes everyone deserves a fair chance to become the best version of themselves. Together, let's make her dream come true.

SMS LEEF to 4004! 

After the Humberto! broadcast, we at the Mentelity Foundation were inundated with love. In addition, the question was often asked, "What can I do for Bibian?" Make her dream come true and give children with physical disabilities a fair chance. Support the Mentelity Foundation and SMS LEEF to 4004!

Anyone who SMSES LEEF to 4004 will immediately receive an SMS back with a donation link. Through this link you can easily make a one-time donation to the Mentelity Foundation via iDeal. The donations show Bibian that her Mentelity Foundation will continue to help children even after her passing.

How do you participate? 

  • SMS LEEF to 4004.
  • Open the SMS you get back and click on the donation link
  • Make a one-time donation via iDeal and support the Mentelity Foundation !
  • Leave your information if you want to stay informed about Mentelity Foundation activities!

View the terms of the SMS action here

Would you also like to join the action? Then share the pictures below on your social media and call on people to text and donate. Together we can make the world a more beautiful place and make Bibian Mentel's dream come true!

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The Mentelity Foundation and Bibian Mentel are incredibly grateful to everyone for the support and love we are privileged to receive these days.

This action was created with the help of CM Payments. Big thanks to the efforts of everyone at CM for this quick collaboration!