Route and schedule for farewell Bibian Mentel

Bibian Mentel will be cremated Saturday, April 3, at 10:30 a.m. at Laren Crematorium. To give everyone a chance to say a dignified goodbye to Bibian, the family has decided to share the route Bibian will take. This way, a guard of honor can be formed to give Bibian a beautiful last memory. 

People wishing to say goodbye to Bibian are asked to take their seats staggered along the route and respect coronagraphs. So keep your distance and be a little nice to each other.

Below is the route that will be traveled. (NOTE: Do not select fastest route, but the streets as shown below. Route does not cross the A27). The procession will begin at 09:00 and is expected at the crematorium at 10:00. The starting point is the traffic circle at the intersection of the Rading and the Loosdrechtseweg and ends at the driveway of Crematorium Laren. Below is the full route:

  • Start: Roundabout at the intersection of the Loosdrechtseweg and the Rading.
  • Follow Rading towards the Noodweg
  • Turn left onto the Noodweg
  • At the end of Noodweg, turn left onto Utrechtseweg (N417)
  • Continue to follow the Utrechtseweg and then turn left onto Emmastraat
  • Turn right onto Achterom
  • At the end of Achterom, turn left onto Kerklaan
  • At the end of Kerklaan, turn right to arrive at De Schapenkamp
  • Then turn right and take the Beatrix Tunnel
  • Continue straight ahead on Professor Kochstraat
  • Professor Koch Street turns into the Little Drift
  • Continue straight ahead on Minckeler Street
  • Continue straight ahead on the Road Over Anna's Hoeve
  • Final route: to the driveway of the parking lot of Laren Crematorium

Once the funeral has begun, everyone is asked to leave the grounds around the Crematorium. After Bibian's ceremony, another family will say goodbye to their loved one. It is the express wish of Bibian and the family that they, too, be given full space.

Please abide by the coronagraphs and treat each other with respect and love. Together, let's give Bibian a beautiful, respectful farewell and the love she deserves. See you on Saturday!

Team Mentelity