The Mentelity Foundation in 2020: Looking at the possibilities!

2020 was a year full of challenges, but as always, we at the Mentelity Foundation looked at the possibilities rather than the limitations. In this retrospective, we look back once more before we start the movement forward together again! 

Mentelity Games 

What a difficult decision it was to have to move the March 2020 Mentelity Games to, now, 2022. The coronavirus was just beginning its journey through Europe and prevented us from crossing the border. Tried everything until the last minute to keep the trip going, but it soon became clear that moving was the only and right decision. From participants, volunteers and racers nothing but understanding for the choices that were made and that only gives us extra motivation to make it a big party in 2022.

Mentelity Games Kick-Off

In the summer, there was a bit more room for events. Therefore, to keep bonding with the participants, the Mentelity Games Kick-Off was organized at SnowWorld in Zoetermeer. It turned out to be a wonderful afternoon. Participants were introduced to the snow and the equipment was tested for the first time. The volunteers of the Mentelity Games continue their hard work. In addition, a rewarding event to organize in a strange year. Also in 2021 this event is back on the agenda!


Mentelity Snowboard School and Indo Board lessons

Mentelity Snowboard School classes came to an abrupt halt early this year during the first lockdown. To keep moving, the Mentelity Foundation acted quickly. Special Indo Boards were delivered to the participants of the snowboard school. This way everyone could exercise together on Sunday morning and there was a training program. In this way, we kept the participants moving and worked hard on the balance to appear well prepared in the snow.

In 2020, however, there was also time to work on new Mentelity Snowboard School locations. In cooperation with SnowWorld, the Johan Cruyff Foundation and IT4Kids, we opened the third location in Landgraaf. During a special Snowboard Fund Day, where more than 20 children were introduced to the sport for the first time, Bibian Mentel performed the opening. For the new year, we can promise that more locations will open in the Netherlands!



2020 was an important year for the Junior Modular Prosthesis (JUMP) project of the Mentelity Foundation and project partners Frank Jol and Gyromotics. In the first months of the year a special Kick-Off was organized at the Friendship Center in Amsterdam and now the first participants are walking on the JUMP. During the journey, they are closely followed in order to record their progress. With the research, the Mentelity Foundation is collecting data from the first sixty participants. In this way scientific evidence will be collected to convince policy makers in The Hague of the necessity of the JUMP and the added value for prosthesis users.

A special Quick Release adapter was also developed. This adapter makes it even easier for prosthesis users to switch between different feet. In the new year, we plan to integrate the Quick Release adapter into the prosthetics of JUMP users.



As soon as the measures allowed, we organized a wonderful afternoon on the water with the Mentelity Foundation during the ninth edition of the Mentelity SUP Event at Ottenhome. What a pleasure it was to welcome all children and families anyway and despite the weather forecast it became a wonderful afternoon. The day traditionally ended with a delicious barbecue and live music by Tommie Christiaan. This year the special, tenth edition. Will you come celebrate with us too?

Unfortunately, the Mentelity Beach Days and Wakeboard Clinics were canceled due to twice bad weather conditions and corona measures. Next year, of course, these sporting days are back on the schedule as usual.



Unfortunately, this year it was not possible for the Mentelity Foundation to host its annual gala. Financially a hard blow for the foundation, but through years of sound financial policies and extra efforts this year, the survival of the foundation was not in jeopardy. Among other things, this year the Business Club was established for people who want to support the Mentelity Foundation annually.

In addition, wonderful initiatives were organized again this year that supported the Mentelity Foundation with a donation. We are extremely grateful to everyone for this. Without this support, the Mentelity Foundation could not continue to exist. Some of these initiatives included the 11 City Sup Tour, where a group of Suppers completed the Elfstedentocht on water. In addition, money was raised with the first edition of Ride & Play, in which Merijn Koek cycled along eighteen golf courses together with Derk ter Braak and Naud Frese. The year ended with the fundraising campaign #GiftforBibian, which ended up with nearly 1,500 donations through a special Tikkie action and raised €24,975.


New corporate identity and website

This year there was time to take a hard look at the Mentelity Foundation's website and communications. In collaboration with Funcke and Frank Boode, a new corporate identity and website were developed. We said goodbye to orange, blue and black and switched to red, white and the hallmark 'MF'.

In the near future, we are going to feature even more of the stories of the children and young adults who have gotten moving through the Mentelity Foundation, the events we organize and take you through our methods to create even more of a connection with the foundation. Together, we get children and young adults with physical challenges moving.