Come to the Snowboard Fundday at SnowWorld Amsterdam

The Mentelity Foundation is organizing a Snowboard Fund Day at SnowWorld in Amsterdam on Saturday, January 29. During this day, people with physical challenges and their friends or family can learn about the sport of snowboarding. Participation in these days is free, so register soon! 

Accessible for everyone*
During the Mentelity Snowboard Fundday, participants will receive personal guidance and tips and tricks on how to snowboard in their specific situation. Whether you have a prosthesis or reduced muscle strength in your legs; during the two-hour clinic, Mentelity instructors will look at the possibilities to help you get down the mountain and enjoy yourself!

The Snowboard Funddays are also open to brothers, sisters, friends and relatives of the participants more than welcome, because we think it is important that everyone should be able to keep moving together. Together we will make it a great day. Each participant may bring one person and participants must be at least ten years old. Do you have any questions about the days or would you like to join? Then contact Merijn Koek and mail to!

Snowboard Fundag Amsterdam - 29 January
The Snowboard Fundag in Amsterdam will be organized on January 29 at SnowWorld Amsterdam (Heuvelweg 6-8, 1981 LV Velsen-Zuid). The day starts at 10:00 am and ends around 2:00 pm. The program can be found below:

10:00 Reception with coffee, tea or soft drinks
10:20 Opening
10:30 Changing clothes and picking up equipment
11:00 2 hour track access + start snowboard lessons
13:00 End of snowboarding and changing clothes
14:00 Closing

Corona measures
The Snowboard Fundag in Amsterdam will only take place if it is possible according to the corona measures in place at that time. Should the Fundag not take place, another date will be planned. So be sure to register, because we will keep you informed!

*In order tosnowboard, it is important that you can stand independently (with or without prosthetics) and walk somewhat . This is because this is necessary for being able to stand on a snowboard. Questions? Please contact Merijn Koek and mail to