Julian (14) trains online on balance board: 'Nice to see everyone again'

Julian is a very active athlete. He normally swims, sups or snowboards several times a week, but the corona crisis forced him to look for other ways to keep moving. Balance board classes were a godsend for him. "It came as a surprise. Really a fun way to still keep exercising." 

For Julian, who turned 14 this week, the coronavirus had quite an impact. For example, he was actually supposed to compete in the National Swimming Championships in June. "There is no other date for that now. I did buy a wetsuit so I can at least train in open water."


Julian trains on the board a few times a week.

He also takes Mentelity Foundation classes every week on the Indo Board, as an alternative to the snowboarding classes that have been temporarily shut down. "You train your balance very much on the balance board. These lessons will definitely help me snowboard better later." For the first few weeks, the lessons were taught in a large group. "That was really nice. Especially to see everyone again that you normally see during the lessons."

Meanwhile, classes are taught in smaller groups by different teachers. "Now there is even more attention to each participant. I notice that I have already made a lot of progress in the last few weeks." Although he enjoys the lessons, he hopes to be back on the slopes and in the pool soon. "That still remains the most fun!"