The #GiftforBibian, will you join us?

This year we are giving Bibian Mentel a special Christmas together with the #GiftforBibian. With this fundraiser, we are raising money for Bibian's greatest wish: equal opportunities for children with physical disabilities. Will you also participate?

Last year, Bibian was given up by doctors and told it would possibly be her last Christmas. "But that's not possible at all, because I still have so much to give," was the first thing Bibian said. So now we are all going to give Bibian something for under the Christmas tree: Equal opportunities for children with physical disabilities.

The Mentelity Foundation is calling on everyone to share a video message on social media to address Bibian during the week of Dec. 18 through Dec. 26. In addition, a special Tikkie link is active to make a donation to the Mentelity Foundation. Together, not only are we giving Biban a very nice Christmas, but we are helping all these children have a brighter future.

Participating in the #GiftforBibian

Would you like to participate in the #GiftforBibian? Then create a video message, share it on your Facebook, Instagram and with friends and family in WhatsApp. Add the Tikkie link below and call on people to donate to Bibian Mentel's Mentelity Foundation. Together we will give her a wonderful gift.

Below you will see a standard text. It is important that your text accompanying the post contains at least the same #hashtags and @tags. Do not forget this, otherwise your message will not reach Bibian. Of course, you can also add your own text to the video.

I am participating in the #GiftforBibian, supporting @bibianmentel her mission with the @mentelityfoundation: Equal opportunities for children with physical disabilities.

Will you join us? Then donate via this tap link, share it with your friends and make Bibian Mentel's dream come true. Thank you!



Want to participate in the #GiftforBibian by making a donation? Go there to this Tap action and donate. Together we will give Bibian a wonderful gift this Christmas.