Rowing 5,000 kilometers across the ocean for the Mentelity Foundation

Bettina de Wild, Iris Noodzij and Debby Bijl of Row For Impact begin December 12 on the biggest sporting challenge of their lives. The three ladies will leave that day for a 5,000-kilometer rowing trip across the Atlantic Ocean. The goal? To break the world record and raise as much money as possible for the Mentelity Foundation.

The rowing trip will take the ladies from the Canaries to the Caribbean islands. "If we complete the trip within 48 days, it will be a new world record for a Women's 3 boat. That's what we're going for," Bettina says. Achieving that goal requires hard work. "We row 24 hours a day. Two hours on and two hours off. Constantly two of us are rowing while the other is resting."

The trek brings challenges. "We go to the toilet on a bucket, make drinking water from seawater and have to eat 4800 Kcal a day," Debby says. "At the same time we deal with the elements, water, wind, high waves and seasickness." A huge sporting challenge for the ladies, for which they have trained hard.

Raising money for the Mentelity Foundation 

Besides breaking the world record, the ladies have another goal: to raise as much money as possible for the Mentelity Foundation. "Bibian Mentel is a huge inspiration to us," Iris said. "How she stood in life and always helped other people has inspired us to also get moving for children and young people with physical challenges."


The ladies in training on the IJsselmeer.

The whole trek is centered around the number 48, Iris explains. "We want to reach our final destination in 48 days, Bibian was only allowed to turn 48 and our goal is to raise 48,000 euros for the Mentelity Foundation." Would you like to support Row For Impact? Then make a donation on the special action page.

In addition, the ladies also include Bibian on their trip, both in their thoughts and on the boat. "On our boat there are quotes from Bibian. We can then look at those when we are just going through it or need extra motivation."

During the trip, the Mentelity Foundation is following Bettina, Iris and Debby closely. A special satellite connection allows the ladies to keep in touch with the shore. Would you like to follow these power women closely? If so, follow them on Instagram To stay up to date.