Summer Kick-Off

On Wednesday, July 31 from 3 p.m., the Bibian Mentel Foundation will usher in the sporty summer with a kick-off at the Bibian Mentel Playground in Loosdrecht! Everyone - with or without a challenge - is welcome to join us in sports. On this day we will bring children and young people together with for example their classmates, friends, brother, sister or sport mates, literally and figuratively in motion. 

Our amazing ambassadors help us spread our mission and vision. Together we are strong, and thanks to their positivity, we hope to make the world look differently at people with challenges. Thus ambassador Kirsten Danz attended the summer kick-off at the Bibian Mentel Playground with an inspiring wheelchair skills clinic. Because of lyme, she now uses a wheelchair. Now Kirsten teaches wheelchair skills training, in which she helps and inspires people to go through life more independently and embrace the wheelchair in a positive way. "I know how much freedom wheelchair skills give and I love helping people with that," Kirsten says. During the kick-off, Kirsten kicks off an active summer of pushing boundaries and lots of exercise.

A DJ will also provide music for the event and a food truck will be present. Furthermore, everyone may try out the playground and there will be a distribution of BMX bikes and scooters. The Bibian Mentel Playground - which was officially opened two years ago - consists of a pumptrack (a paved dirt track through which people can scoot, bike, skate or board) and an inclusive playground. In addition, the pumptrack has a special track accessible to wheelchair users on which beginners can practice.

"Equal opportunities for everyone with a physical challenge". That was the dream of our founder Bibian Mentel, multiple paralympic snowboarder. Now our mission is to make Bibian's dream come true and we hope to inspire everyone with her positive mentality. During our challenging activities, including the summer kick-off, we show people that they are capable of more than they think. And in doing so, we not only change people's lives, but also make society look differently at people with physical challenges. 

The summer kick-off is free to attend. Will you be there on July 31? Hope to see you soon! 

Wednesday, July 31
3:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Jagerspaadje 24 Loosdrecht
Free entrance