Lizzie van der Bas


The Re-Abled project has caused enormous change in the life of Lizzie van der Bas (7). "I can really do anything I want."

Lizzie van der Bas2023-06-13T12:09:26+02:00

Merijn Koek


Merijn Koek: "In my adolescence sports was a must, I didn't always like it. Since I met Bibian Mentel, that has changed."

Merijn Koek2023-06-13T09:52:41+02:00

Bibian Mentel


Achieving small and big victories in your development is what matters. Dare to follow your passion and become the best version of yourself.

Bibian Mentel2023-06-13T09:53:43+02:00

Xan Engelsman


Xan Engelsman is happy with his new prosthesis and is now playing field hockey at a higher level than before. "This leg really makes a difference. I'm faster!"

Xan Engelsman2023-06-13T09:53:49+02:00

Jayley Krewinkel


Jayley Krewinkel is completely used to her new JUMP prosthesis. Every morning she tells her parents, "Just give me that spring!"

Jayley Krewinkel2023-06-13T09:52:47+02:00

Lionel Goorissen


Lionel has been looking for the right prosthesis for a long time. The Mentelity Foundation's JUMP has been a new start in his life for him.

Lionel Goorissen2023-06-13T09:53:55+02:00

Joselien Koopmans


Joselien hid her prosthesis because she didn't want to be different. From Bibian, she learned to radiate strength instead of insecurity.

Joselien Koopmans2023-06-13T09:54:01+02:00

Siep from Groningen


Siep always has to distribute his energy well due to his challenge, but since taking snowboarding lessons, his fitness has only improved.

Siep from Groningen2023-06-13T09:54:07+02:00

Larissa de Groot


Larissa became more independent in her wheelchair through the Mentelity Games. After the adventure in the mountains, she even dared to travel alone to London.

Larissa de Groot2023-06-13T09:54:12+02:00

Merijn Koek


Why shy away from a challenge in life because of a physical disability? Look at the possibilities and get moving.

Merijn Koek2023-06-12T16:27:13+02:00


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