The five life lessons of Bibian Mentel 

Bibian Mentel has been able to inspire many people with her way of life. She herself tried to live according to five life lessons with her family, family and friends. Get inspired by Bibian.

1. Follow your passion and go do something you really like
Life can be so beautiful as long as you keep living it, Bibian used to say. Keep doing the things you love and dream of doing. She firmly believed that the moment you do that, you are going to become good at it. Then you will become the best version of yourself, Bbian said. And you can't get better than the best version of yourself.

2. Think in possibilities rather than limitations
Bibian always looked at possibilities and did not let the world determine what she could and could not do. She focused on what she could do, which eventually resulted in 128 gold medals and three Paralympic titles in snowboarding. Even when Bibian ended up in a wheelchair, she looked at the possibilities and participated in Dancing with the Stars and eventually made it to the finals. So above all, look at what you can still do and don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something beforehand.

3. Collect memories, rather than possessions
Collect memories rather than possessions, Bibian used to say. Because at the end of your life, you don't dwell on the fancy cars you drove or the big house you lived in. It's about the memories you've made with the people you love. That is the essence of life.

4. You always have a choice
You always have a choice in life, even if sometimes you have to choose between two bad options. When you make a choice, it does remain your choice and so you influence the path you take in life. No matter how difficult it may be at times: make your own choice!

5. An ostrich isn't so crazy.
Sometimes it's good to just bury your head in the sand, just like an ostrich does. It doesn't solve your problems, of course, but it allows you to let go of your worries for a while. Bibian never ran away from the bad news, but sometimes pushed it aside to enjoy life.