Impact of the Mentelity Games

Every year so many extraordinary things happen during the Mentelity Games. We meet inspiring people. Do we see them grow, change, have fun and make memories. It's about so much more than skiing or snowboarding. 

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Lies (age 30) - Snowboarder Mentelity Games 2023


"I could only cry with happiness after my first descent, I felt so much freedom!
Lies was in the Mentelity Games for the first time this year. And also for the first time with her new sports prosthesis, thanks to prosthetist Frank Jol. ''Before my amputation, I always went on winter sports since I was 4 years old. I missed the feeling of freedom I experienced then very much. I want to be able to board again and feel the wind through my hair. Thanks to the Mentelity Games I was able to experience this feeling again. I also learned to be patient. I never think anything is good enough and everything can be better, that's the way I am. In Switzerland I got back that I am already doing very well and that I have to be patient to be able to snowboard like I used to.'' 💙 Lies also had lessons from Sandro Bohnet: a member of the Swiss paralympic snowboard team. Coach Silvan Hofer was also present. ''I immediately felt a connection with Sandro, we both have an upper leg amputation. It was super cool to hear the techniques of Sandro and Silvan and to try them right away. I had a fantastic week!''

Terry (age 20) - Zitskiër Mentelity Games 2023


''Having a disability does not mean being limited.''
That's Terry's motto. In 2023, he joined the Mentelity Games for the first time. ''How cool that we are all here together, I feel like I am skiing by myself and that gives me a sense of freedom.'' Terry talks about his first time in the zitski with a smile on his face. ''I'm pretty fancy and I thought it would go better right away than it actually did. This was not the case, but I am learning so much here and I am sure I will be able to go down the mountain independently in the zitski by the end of this week. That is my goal and of course having fun. In Holland many people look at me because I am in a wheelchair. Here nobody looks at me and I can be myself. I love it here and I can be the way I am.'' Together with Terry, we look back on a great week! And a fun fact: Terry still managed to ski down the mountain independently in the zitski!

Floor (age 22) - Zitskiër Mentelity Games 2023


"During the Mentelity Games, I really felt like myself," he said.
"Everyone has their own challenge, but you're not judged by that. I skied for the first time in my life and what a great time it was! Through a call on Facebook from We roll I signed up. I thought 'I won't win anyway' and if I win, I won't dare at all. And yet I won and challenged myself! I learned to push my limits during the Mentelity Games: by going far on a trip, this is something I never really do, and by just doing it, I really pushed my limit! Also, I even skied down a bit independently in the zitski. I now know that I can do much more, than I think myself. The Mentelity Games have really given my self-confidence a boost. I will definitely take that with me to the Netherlands and my goal for now is to get out of my comfort zone and just do it!''

Lianne (age 7) - Zitskiër Mentelity Games 2023


"She really wants to do it herself and goes all out!
Lianne joined the Mentelity Games through rehabilitation center De Hoogstraat. Last summer, Lianne rehabbed at De Hoogstraat. She recovered so quickly and that's why Lianne was asked if she wanted to come along to Switzerland. Lianne's father Andries didn't have to think long about this. "Lianne is always pushing her limits. At the beginning Lianne is shy and likes to wait and see, but once Lianne gets used to it, she seeks contact with everyone. I notice that she is less and less shy here and has a great time with everyone. Lianne can be herself here, she keeps developing''. Even zitski supervisor Kathy sees immediately on Day 1 that Lianne is making strides. "Lianne learned so much in this week. For example, she took one step more every day: first she turned with her hands, then she joined in with the stools and now she even helps with the elevator. On day three Lianne herself indicated that I had forgotten something when preparing the zitski. She really wants to do it herself and goes all out!''

Kirsten (21 years old) - Zitskiër Mentelity Games 2022 & 2023
width="300""It was such a special week, truly never to be forgotten. Because of the experiences and conversations I have started to think so differently. Where before I mainly saw bears on the road, now I think: I'll see how it goes. I now dare to do much more on my own and I even went out on my own twice already. Small things that make such a difference in everyday life. In addition, I have found a sport I enjoy very much: skiing in a seated position makes me want to do more. I now even help other wheelchair users by giving clinics on wheelchair skills!"

Jim (age 24) - Zitskiër Mentelity Games 2022

width="300"Robin, friend of Jim, says of the trip, "I am immensely grateful for this special week. The Mentelity Games were a unique opportunity for Jim to push boundaries and learn new things. My happiness cannot end when I see Jim beaming like he did during this trip."

And Jim has talent as a seated skier: meanwhile, he has already had the opportunity to train with the Dutch para ski team.

Rosa (17 years old) - Zitski
Mother Simone about Rosa: "She has been training hard in rehabilitation after a long course of treatment to become stronger again. To get involved in society again is hard for her. Her disability is something that belongs to her; she will have to accept it, and that goes better one day than the next. That we were able to come along to the Mentelity Games was really great. That Rosa got the chance to ski, then adapted (zitski), was very nice. I saw Rosa flourish, she felt like Rosa again. The togetherness was enormous. The commitment of the organization and all the volunteers was great. One big family. We will carry this with us forever. Thanks!"

Larissa (age 29) - Zitskiër Mentelity Games 2019

width="294" Larissa (pictured right) is in a wheelchair and was supposed to go to London for a weekend with a friend a few weeks after the Mentelity Games ended. The friend had to cancel shortly before departure. But with everything Larissa had learned at the Games, she felt strong and self-reliant enough to go on her own.

Benjamin (age 11) - Standing skiing Mentelity Games 2022

width="200"Benjamin wanted seat skiing and not standing skiing, because he didn't think that was possible. "Another disappointment" he wanted to avoid. After two days of sitting skiing, his supervisor had gotten him to try it anyway ... and by the end of the week he was skiing down the mountain standing up. What a victory!

Benjamin (left) with his new friend Kieran, whom he met at the Games.

Joris - competed in the 2022 12h Challenge - in his zitski
"The feeling of really being allowed to participate. I am very grateful for that"

Mathilde - Challenge participant & volunteer Mentelity Games 2022 & 2023:
"The pride in the parents and the participants. Truly a gift that I got to experience this"