"Having a disability means not being limited."


Terry talks about his first time in the zitski with a smile on his face: ''How cool that we're all here together, I feel like I'm skiing by myself and that gives me a sense of freedom.'' 

Soccer was Terry's sport before he got sick. Now Terry trudges around the track in his special wheelchair. When Terry was infected with the meningococcal bacteria at age 15, Terry's life changed. From the meningitis Terry contracted, he nearly died. Terry woke up from his coma, able to do almost nothing. His sight fortunately recovered, but he is still virtually deaf. ''Nobody sees that I'm hearing impaired, but you can tell from my wheelchair that I have a physical challenge.''

Terry joined the Mentelity Games through rehabilitation center De Hoogstraat. Terry is very motivated and wants to get the best out of chair skiing. ''I'm pretty fanatical and I thought it would go better right away than it actually did. This was not the case, but I am learning so much here and I am sure that by the end of this week I will be able to go down the mountain independently in the zitski. That is my goal and of course having fun. In Holland many people look at me because I am in a wheelchair. Here nobody looks at me and I can be myself. I love it here and I can be the way I am.

At the end of the week, Terry managed to go down the mountain independently on his zitski.''A great feeling that he succeeded! What a freedom. I wouldn't have missed this fantastic week for anything.''

Do you want to get involved for another person?
To ensure that many people like Terry can participate in the Mentelity Games again next year, a special event has been created: the 12-hour Challenge. Teams of 3 people take on the challenge of skiing or snowboarding in relay for 12 hours. The teams raise money through crowdfunding. From these proceeds the Mentelity Games will be financed.