''I could only cry with happiness after my first descent.'' 


Lies talks about what happened to her: ''A lump in my foot turned out to be a rare form of cancer. After chemo and ten operations in seven weeks, it turned out that the muscles in my left leg up to above my knee had died. It was a fight between life and death. The doctors could only do one thing: an amputation above my knee.''

Lies is a sporty person with a great love and passion for snowboarding, surfing, supping and wakeboarding. In order to snowboard, Lies needed a sports prosthesis. During the 2023 Mentelity Games, she was able to use her sports prosthesis for the first time. The Tuesday before departure, Lies received a photo from her prosthetist Frank Jol. Her sports prosthesis she waited so long for was finally ready. In Switzerland, Lies put on her sports prosthesis for the first time. ''I hope that with my sports prosthesis I can regain the freedom I missed for years.''

''On my first descent, I finally felt the feeling of freedom again. I could only howl with happiness. For me, boarding and feeling the wind through my hair is the ultimate feeling of happiness.'' Lies was taught by Sandro Bohnet during the Mentelity Games: a member of the Swiss paralympic snowboard team. Coach Silvan Hofer was also present. ''I immediately felt a connection with Sandro, we both have an upper leg amputation. It was super cool to hear Sandro and Silvan's techniques and to try them right away.'' 

Lies herself is not ashamed of her prosthesis. Some other participants do feel a sense of shame. ''I can always be myself and I don't want anyone to be ashamed. That is also something I hope to convey. The atmosphere during the Mentelity Games is so good, it doesn't matter what your physical challenge is. An appropriate solution is found for everyone to participate.''

''I learned during the Mentelity Games to be patient. I never think anything is good enough and everything can be better. That's the way it is, in Switzerland I got back that I am doing well and that I have to be patient to be able to snowboard like I used to.'' Lies has a tattoo with the text "Nait soezen," which means don't whine in Groningen. ''Nait soezen is what typifies me, that's my mentality.'' 

Do you want to get involved for another person?
To ensure that many people like Lies can participate in the Mentelity Games again next year, a special event has been created: the 12-hour Challenge. Teams of 3 people take on the challenge of skiing or snowboarding in relay for 12 hours. The teams raise money through crowdfunding. From these proceeds the Mentelity Games will be financed.